Metro Drug Inc.

Metro Drug Inc. (MDI) in its present structure came to be in 1997. Previously, MDI was known as MDDI – a joint venture company held by The Zuellig Corp. and Marsman & Co., Inc. MDDI was in the business of both consumer goods distribution and pharmaceutical distribution. In 1997, the pharmaceutical business split off, and Metro Drug Inc. was formed as a result. Two years later, in 1999, the senior management structure was changed to what it is today: a lean, flat organization enabled to move rapidly in response to customers’ changing needs and demands.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Distribution is our principal activity. As we entered a new decade, our organization positioned itself to become one of the largest and most efficient distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. We placed ourselves among the top 100 corporations in the Philippines with over 50 principal partners and representing most therapeutic classes, as well as a mix of both multinational and national Filipino companies.


Over the past five years, we’ve recorded strong growth at MDI Philippines. Our business model has proven successful, with strong, top-line growth that’s fueled by focused management, streamlined operations, and new business acquisition. Underlying our strong financial position is our competency for working capital management – a key factor in successfully establishing ourselves as a credible and trusted business partner.

Key Business Areas

Our organizational and operational set-up at MDI is tailored to meet the needs of the Philippines’ healthcare industry. This enables us to operate efficiently in three key business areas: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and animal health.

We have repeatedly proven ourselves to be the ideal choice for companies looking for a skilled distribution partner. We make partnering easy and are the leanest, most flexible, and most aggressive distribution company operating in the Philippines today.