Welcome Message

Administrator | May 31, 2018

Dear fellow DSAP members I am happy to welcome you to our NEW DSAP Website.  The upgrading of the contents and other features that would definitely make us interested and active in visiting our site is made possible through the generous partnership with Metro Drug, Inc. (MDI).

In response to the needs of our industry with regards to the continuing education of our drugstore owners and our pharmacy assistants, e-learning modules and online trainings are to be uploaded and upgraded regularly to help us in delivering better service to our patrons.

A section is also devoted to assist us in the renewal of our License to Operate (LTO) exclusively for DSAP members.

These are just few of the innovations that our new DSAP website has initiated. We are working hard to make the contents of our website relevant to you our dear DSAP members. I am optimistic that you will visit and maximize the contents being offered and that you will patronize the business deals being offered as well.

Happy surfing!
Vicente Briones, RPh
2018 DSAP National President