The new DSAP National President is a woman of Faith, Dedication and Action. She believes that plans without work is like building a sandcastle, and action without fun is like eating a bland cake. Her leadership is inclusive — everyone is important.  Each member will have a part in the action plan without compromising two things ­– competence and contentment in completing the job.


Thess, as she is fondly called by her family and friends, grew up in various places in the southern part of Mindanao. As the eldest among the siblings and orphaned at a very young age, she bravely stood up and hurdled life’s great challenges. She graduated as salutatorian in both primary and secondary school. Later, she took up BS Pharmacy and graduated at the Immaculate Conception University in Davao, top of the class. Before becoming the CEO of her own pharmaceutical and medical distribution company, Thess looks back to her humble beginning as a pharmacist at Drugmaker’s Lab., Incorporated.  For several years, she held various positions in the company where she gained relevant experiences. Aside from her Philippine license, she also took and passed the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency examination for pharmacists in the US. She was offered a job in the US but opted to stay for a deeper purpose of serving and leading the people manage their company.  Her entrepreneurial instinct made her reflect of her purpose in putting up her own business.  The service she can extend to her team in the company and the knowledge she can impart is more important than the monetary reward she will gain outside the country.  In the recent years, she is able to share her knowledge and experience in the industry by giving talks and seminars related to the education of Drugstore Owners, Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assistants. She is also a national lecturer for TESDA NCIII Pharmacy Service, allowing her to fulfill her passion to travel around the country.


Aside from the usual talks or seminars she conducts to DSAP members all over the country, training Pharmacy Assistantsis what she considers her most valuable contribution to the association, helping them become NC3 CERTIFIED PHARMACY ASSISTANTS.


Thess is a lover of nature. Her keen eye to details coupled by her talent in photography led her to wander around the globe, shooting God’s magnificent creations. She takes care of several cats and is a certified plantita. Most importantly, Thess uses her life and her resources in the ministry of serving the Lord and His people. She believes that she became the President of DSAP in these trying times because “God gives His fiercest battle to His toughest soldier”.


“NO DSAP MEMBER SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND” everyone is important! is the battle cry of the new DSAP National President. She envisions a leadership of service that will create more avenues for DSAP to partner and collaborate, not only among its members but also among the different sectors in the government. She is optimistic DSAP will remain united and will continue to keep the communication channels open to all the stakeholders in providing the needed services to the members amidst the challenges brought about the pandemic. Together with an enthusiastic national board, officers and chapter officers everything will be achieved.


Lead to serve.

To God be the Glory!

Ms. Theresa A. Galindez, RPh.

2022 DSAP National President

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