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Year 2020 is globally historical as handful of events unfolded before our eyes.
With the prevailing spread of the unforeseen and invincible COVID19, it came to pass that it affected our economy forcing many industries to change and lifestyles to adopt the new normal. The realization of the saying “Health is Wealth" can not be more true and fitting at this time.
For us who are in the retail drugstore and pharmaceutical industry, only shows that our business more than the dispensing is SERVICE. We are given this responsibility to continue providing our products to the communities where our businesses are. We are honored to belong to the many frontliners who are risking our lives most especially at this time of crisis and of community quarantine.
Together with the rest of the healthcare providers and front liners who are there making sure that the basic services and essentials are delivered to us, to those responsible for cleanliness, peace and order in our communities, I take my hats off to all of you. One day we will all reminisce this time when we all sacrificed ourselves making sure that the health of our fellowmen is our priority.
Again, my warm congratulations to all DSAP members!
Now, you may ask what DSAP as an organization did at this time of the pandemic? When everyone must observe social distancing, struggle on how to survive our operations when supply was so limited?
The reply is evident by the testimonies of our DSAP members in areas affected by the calamities that hit our country early on this year. The beneficiaries in Mindanao during the earthquake, our members from Batangas, Quezon, Laguna and Cavite who were beneficiaries of the eruption of Ta-al volcano.
During this time, PPEs and food packs were distributed among frontliners out of the generous contributions of our DSAP Chapter Members and Officers. This may not be a ‘Herculean’ achievement but the act of extending help and action was realized.
Furthermore, DSAP focused on community health services to fulfill its vision. Let us move as one . . . as we embrace the “New Normal”. Even when we are observing social distancing, let us NOT be distant in fulfilling the call of DSAP’s One Cause, One Voice, One Future. This pandemic proved nobody can survive without SOMEBODY. Let us set aside the “I WANT” mind set and allow God’s plan to unfold and be fulfilled in us knowing that He only want what is best for us.
With the “New Normal” we are motivated to keep on serving, to keep on delivering quality health care. We thank our Trade Partners for assisting us in adopting, learning and using new trends like online ordering, online paying, even online seminars commonly called Webinar. Our struggle will not be as difficult because WE are ALL here: Ka-DSAP, sama-sama nating harapin ito! Ikaw at ako ay ang DSAP!

Jovelyn N. Blancaflor

2020 DSAP National President

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