We made it again this year! Not only that we made it plainly and easily, but we made it towards this year with so much humility and pride of our collective ability to remain resilient, productive, enduring, and determined to soar higher heights and dive deeper depths despite the obvious wreckage COVID 19 has left every one of us, especially in the first quarter of this year. Such an oxymoron of a “humble proud”, I believe, has always been our best weapon in savouring both the challenges and successes of the association. We were all in both together, and I thank you all for standing by my side, withstanding the shakes and revelling with the triumph.


Dearest DSAP Members, congratulations for still making it and for being with the association this year. Your loyal membership with DSAP automates each of you the servant leadership of the association manifested through its innovative programs that we continue to work through their sustainability. You all know that the association has always been sincere its definition of service – that is to reach out to all of you with what you need with your business with us because we all know that only by doing this that the growth of the association shall likewise continue.


This year, let us buckle up tighter to achieve readiness with the challenges of the changing time. Let us be more sensitive with each other’s needs but remain firm and adherent with our policies and procedures because these too are the foundations of the successes that we are enjoying and the rocks of opportunities and programs that we create to fulfill our mission and vision.


Dearest 2021 DSAP Members, as your president once again, I would like to appeal to you all to explore this page and take advantage of whatever service and event, the association has conceived in order to make you happier and more loyal with us this year.


May our spirits be united as we journey once again the ever challenging field of health care provision.



Jovelyn N. Blancaflor

2021 DSAP National President

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